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Florid Personal Injury Attorney

If you were hurt on the job or in an auto accident, or harmed by a doctor, you have the right to sue for personal injury damages. Find peace with what happened, obtain money that can pay for your medical care, and get closure after the painful incident with help from Fort Lauderdale and Miami personal injury attorney Jeffrey Exposito.

How a Florida Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you were injured, you face a lengthy and difficult recovery process. The last thing you need is distraction from pervasive worry about who will pay for your medical care or how your family will get by when you are unable to provide. A personal injury lawsuit can recoup funds to pay for your injuries and emotional damages suffered, taking away the strain of the incident and directly benefiting your recovery. A personal injury attorney can be your advocate during the trial, so you can focus just on getting well.

Hiring an attorney who understands how to build a compelling personal injury case gives you the best chance at a fast settlement, so you can move on from the injury and reclaim your life.

Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

Jeffrey Exposito, a Fort Lauderdale attorney, provides comprehensive personal injury litigation for clients from the greater Fort Lauderdale-Miami area. Anyone in Broward or Miami-Dade counties who recently suffered a personal injury is invited to contact the attorney, who deals directly at all times with every client.

The attorney welcomes clients suffering from dog bites, slip/fall, auto accident injuries, medical malpractice lawsuits, or workplace injuries. Let Attorney Exposito find medical practitioners to support your case, coach you on how to testify during the trial, and skillfully negotiate with the other side.

Attorney Jeffrey Exposito is currently accepting new clients who recently suffered a personal injury and who wish to open a legal claim. To speak with the Miami personal injury attorney about your situation, please call 786-333-3073.

  • "Wonderful lawyer I hired Mr Exposito for a bankruptcy matter based on a referral from a friend who also hired Mr Exposito. He was extremely professional and seemed genuinely concerned about my situation. Always returned phone calls even ono weekends! Everything turned out well. I couldn’t be more happy." - Anonymous (5 star review)

  • "Really good lawyer This lawyer represented me in a criminal matter that was dismissed because of lack of evidence. After that about 6 months later my house is invaded by ICE and they tell me I’m under deportation proceedings. because of my prior criminal conduct even though I lived in the US for more than 20 years as a resident. I’m taken to Krome. Mr. Exposito took my case after my parents consulted with other lawyers who said my case was hopeless because of my bad criminal record, They said I would probably get deported. Mr. Exposito looked at the case carefully took the time to interview me and get all of the facts. He really worked hard on the case and the immigration judge despite all odds granted my waiver and I was released and no longer in deportation thanks to Mr. Exposito. I now have my green card restored." - Anonymous (5 star review)

  • "Chapter 7 Mr. Exposito led me through the process of filing for chapter 7 with ease. The information needed for the process was complete and everything went smooth during the hearing. I recommend his services to anyone." - Kanwa (5 star review)

  • "Highly Recommended. I hired Mr. Exposito for a legal matter in Miami. He has excellent communication with his clients. He is responsive and responsible. My legal matter was successfully handled and I would highly recommend him. " - Anonymous (5 star review)

  • "Personal will Mr. Exposito was very professional, helpful and efficient, he clarified all my questions on time, he always answered all my phone calls, texts and e-mails, and he provided personalized customer service and care every time I needed. I will recommend Mr. Exposito every time I can in the future to my relatives and friends. Thank you Mr. Exposito because you did a great job." - Herman Garcia (5 star review)

  • "Bankruptcy Mr. Exposito was my bankruptcy attorney. He was professional at all times which included keepimg me informed, returning my calls promptly, and representing me in a deposition. Another quality that stands out was his honesty because Mr. Exposito kept all of his promises. I would recommend Mr. Exposito for anyone going through a bankruptcy." - Ramses (5 star review)

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