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Criminal Defense

Miami and Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal accusations, even of misdemeanors, are something to take very seriously. Any time you are charged with an alleged crime, you face the potential to pay heavy fines and even go to jail. Criminal charges also stay on your record, and this can create challenges to employment and housing in your future. Because of these potential penalties, if you have been accused of a crime, you need to partner with a Miami and Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to start building your defense. Exposito Law offers the services of Miami criminal defense attorney, Jeffrey Exposito. With his help, you can begin the process of building a solid defense for your case.

Build an Aggressive Defense with a Proactive Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami

When it comes to building a defense for a criminal case, having a tenacious and aggressive attorney is crucial. Attorney Jeffrey Exposito provides criminal defense services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and he has earned the reputation of being an aggressive defender for his clients. He takes a proactive approach to each case, personally getting into the details surrounding each arrest and the charges his clients face in order to aggressively build the protections necessary for a positive outcome.

Personal Attention Throughout the Case

Miami criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Exposito has dedicated his practice to providing clients with truly personalized attention. When you call the Exposito Law Firm P.A. you always talk directly with the attorney. This level of personal attention can give peace of mind to clients as they navigate the confusing and stressful waters of a criminal defense case.

If you are facing criminal charges, don’t delay. Time is of the essence when it comes to gathering evidence to build your defense. Contact Jeffrey Exposito today to discuss your case with a qualified Fort Lauderdale and Miami criminal defense attorney.

  • "Wonderful lawyer I hired Mr Exposito for a bankruptcy matter based on a referral from a friend who also hired Mr Exposito. He was extremely professional and seemed genuinely concerned about my situation. Always returned phone calls even ono weekends! Everything turned out well. I couldn’t be more happy." - Anonymous (5 star review)

  • "Really good lawyer This lawyer represented me in a criminal matter that was dismissed because of lack of evidence. After that about 6 months later my house is invaded by ICE and they tell me I’m under deportation proceedings. because of my prior criminal conduct even though I lived in the US for more than 20 years as a resident. I’m taken to Krome. Mr. Exposito took my case after my parents consulted with other lawyers who said my case was hopeless because of my bad criminal record, They said I would probably get deported. Mr. Exposito looked at the case carefully took the time to interview me and get all of the facts. He really worked hard on the case and the immigration judge despite all odds granted my waiver and I was released and no longer in deportation thanks to Mr. Exposito. I now have my green card restored." - Anonymous (5 star review)

  • "Chapter 7 Mr. Exposito led me through the process of filing for chapter 7 with ease. The information needed for the process was complete and everything went smooth during the hearing. I recommend his services to anyone." - Kanwa (5 star review)

  • "Highly Recommended. I hired Mr. Exposito for a legal matter in Miami. He has excellent communication with his clients. He is responsive and responsible. My legal matter was successfully handled and I would highly recommend him. " - Anonymous (5 star review)

  • "Personal will Mr. Exposito was very professional, helpful and efficient, he clarified all my questions on time, he always answered all my phone calls, texts and e-mails, and he provided personalized customer service and care every time I needed. I will recommend Mr. Exposito every time I can in the future to my relatives and friends. Thank you Mr. Exposito because you did a great job." - Herman Garcia (5 star review)

  • "Bankruptcy Mr. Exposito was my bankruptcy attorney. He was professional at all times which included keepimg me informed, returning my calls promptly, and representing me in a deposition. Another quality that stands out was his honesty because Mr. Exposito kept all of his promises. I would recommend Mr. Exposito for anyone going through a bankruptcy." - Ramses (5 star review)

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